Dentures are one alternative to replacing missing teeth. A full denture replaces all the lost natural teeth.

A partial denture replaces one or more missing teeth which is retained by clasps around your existing teeth. Replacing missing teeth may make eating easier and make you feel more confident when you smile.

At the studio, Dr. Lavery works with highly skilled local technicians in the fabrication of your new denture. Using the latest technology, we can construct very aesthetic dentures without metal clasps which are comfortable and durable.

Ask Dr. Lavery about this new product at your next visit.


Are a popular alternative to conventional dentures. Implant retained dentures are more stable so you can eat a wider variety of foods.

Your confidence increases as they are very secure.

What’s involved in getting a new denture?

Dr. Lavery will outline all the steps involved and the associated costs with getting a new denture at your consultation appointment.