November 2, 2017

Establishing trust has long been recognised as a crucial part of the dentist-patient relationship.

Dr. Lavery has always had a philosophy of her patients as human beings first, with TEETH secondly!

She realises that you may have many fears and concerns which will differ for each person, and we work hard here at the Studio to understand these, to ensure that your visit is as positive as possible.

You must be listened to and all treatment options will be explained in detail. At no point will you be told what to do. After all they are your teeth and your mouth!

Dr. Lavery believes that it is her role to access what is going on in your mouth and discuss the options of treatment, and explain in detail the choices available to you, to help you better understand the options. She will also support you in whatever you choose.

In a recent strength finder assessment by Gallup; One of Dr. Lavery’s strengths were identified as Empathy! In addition, being a Leaner also came up as one of her top strengths on the list. This is no surprise as Dr. Lavery has a very calm and gentle manner and communicates with empathy to her patients. She truly values meaningful relationships with her patients.

Honesty and ethics are at the very core of what we do here at the Studio. We believe in competence, reliability, compassion and confidentiality. This is why we here at the Studio are already commencing the process in which to be accredited by the Australian Dental Association (ADA), this will ensure that we are running in line with all the regulations and guidelines governing the dental profession, so that you know when you book for an appointment here you know that you are getting the best dental service available to you.

So, you can be assured that Dr. Lavery offers the most sufficient and technological advances in modern dentistry.

Call the Studio and book an appointment today!

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