Collagen Induction (Micro Needling) in Winston Hills, NSW

Dr Lavery’s all-time favourite technique for skin resurfacing is collagen induction therapy, also called skin needling.

Skin needling may sound a bit invasive or even painful, but our topical anaesthetic and commitment to patient comfort make the procedure more comfortable than you might initially imagine.

a couple smiles | collagen induction Bella Vista nswCosmetic Skin Treatment with Micro Needling

This treatment is performed using a microneedle, which penetrates the skin to cause pin-prick bleeding points. This results in remodelling and boosting of collagen production, which leads to rejuvenated, healthy and aesthetic skin that looks more youthful with a fresh appearance. The treatment can be used with dermaceutical peptides or stem cell therapy, called concentrated growth factors (CGF).

How Is Collagen Induction Therapy Performed?

Dr Martina Lavery assesses the skin, applies a topical anaesthetic to make the procedure comfortable, rolls the needling pen over the skin to achieve light bleeding and applies hyaluronic acid into the inner layer of the epidermis.

It Normally Takes a One-Hour Appointment

With collagen induction therapy, you must allow a few days for the skin to settle down. The most common side effects are redness and peeling, which take up to five days to resolve. Staying out of the sun is very important afterwards as your skin will be more susceptible to over-exposure.

This treatment aids in the reduction of scarring of the skin from acne or accidents.

a woman smiles in front of a white backdrop | collagen induction in Bella Vista nswCollagen Induction Therapy (Micro-Needling) With Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF)

In the Studio, we optimise healing of skin using platelet concentrates called concentrated growth factors (CGF).

Numerous growth factors exist in platelets. The initial source of platelet concentrate was developed from plasma (PRP). PRP has been used to aid tissue regeneration for years. This system has now been further refined to the current third generation and market-leading process of CGF.

CGF allows for the isolation of a much larger, dense matrix, which is superior in the isolation of growth factors. The addition of CGF is a leading-edge medical rejuvenation for healthy skin, allowing it to look radiant, smoother and younger.

CGF is carried out in the same way as the micro needling with peptides; however, a blood sample is required from the patient to cultivate the growth factors and stem cells.

What Does Treatment Cost?

As with all treatments, cost depends on the condition of your skin and your goals for your appearance. Dr Lavery will tailor a treatment protocol specific to your needs and will advise of an appropriate plan prior to your treatment.

Ready to Learn More?

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