Skin Care in Winston Hills, NSW

Are You Ready for Healthy, Glowing Skin? Do You Want to Look Younger?

If you’ve answered yes, you might consider our latest leading-edge, medical-grade skin rejuvenation therapies available right here at Martina Lavery Dental & Skin Studio, located in the Hills District.

a woman standing outside | winston hills nsw skin careArt and Science of Skin Care

Skin science is well-researched, and Winston Hills dentist Dr Martina Lavery applies scientific principles to rejuvenate skin for optimum outcomes.

This is a field that continuously evolves, and Dr Lavery seeks the latest information to stay current with the most recent therapies. In fact, she is so interested in it that she has embarked on studying a Diploma in Dermal Therapies in addition to having her accreditation for skin rejuvenation with the global training body AADFA.

There are predictable changes that occur in the skin over time during the ageing process, and knowledge of these processes and how to reverse them is the key to Dr Lavery’s rejuvenation philosophies.

Skin Care Is a Complex Issue

Dr Lavery has the expertise and knowledge to help you optimise the health of your skin. As a bonus, healthy skin looks and feels good too.

Skin is a crucial organ. It is not just decorative. Dr Lavery believes, as a health practitioner, that she must screen your skin as well as your teeth and gums every six months. There are a staggering 16 million people in Australia affected by skin cancer. Applying sunscreen as a part of your daily skin care regime is extremely important.

Skin is your protection from the outside world, and it needs to function optimally. Starting a good relationship with your skin as early as possible prevents deterioration later on.

How Do We Make the Skin Healthier to Look and Feel Younger?

a leaf dripping | skin care in winston hills nswCells regenerate and renew. Skincare can be simplified into encouraging the skin cells to turn over faster; the newer the cell at the surface, the better the skin will look and feel.

Bizarrely, medical grade rejuvenation occurs by controlled and targeted trauma or injury to the skin, by either a chemical or mechanical means to stimulate the skin’s natural wound healing processes.

Chemical peels, or as Dr Lavery likes to call them, ‘Wow! Your skin looks so good’ peels chemically resurface the skin.

We use a full range of peels such as lactic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, AHA and BHA peels. Dr Lavery will carry out a full skin analysis and tailor treatment specifically for you.

Arrange a Consultation with Dr Lavery

Even if you just want to learn about your options and what is available to help you achieve a more youthful and fresh-faced appearance, Dr Lavery encourages you to arrange a consultation to discover the many possibilities to improve skin texture, elasticity and aesthetics.