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the staff of Martina Lavery Dental & Skin Studio: Martina Lavery, BDS | Dentist in Winston Hills NSW


Dr. Martina Lavery snmiles, sitting down | Dentist in Winston Hills NSW

Dr Martina Lavery, BDS, IADFE

Principal dentist Martina Lavery studied dentistry in her native Ireland, in Belfast, before migrating to Sydney after meeting her husband in Adelaide, where she was on a forensic dentistry scholarship at Adelaide University.

Martina was introduced to the Hills district by her husband, who grew up in Winston Hills. She fell in love with the family-focused, green and relaxed feel of the area and has been working in the Hills district, primarily focusing on family dentistry, for 17 years now. In fact, the shops where Martina’s studio is now located is where her husband used to cycle to as a boy after school, to buy sweet treats! (This was many years before he realised the error of his sweet-seeking ways.)

Martina has been practising in Norwest as well as working as a children’s dentist at her husband’s practice, Norton Street Dentistry. She has also volunteered her dentistry services at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance at Allambie Heights and continues to treat many patients with disabilities in private dental practice, which makes access to quality treatment much easier and prompt for these patients rather than waiting on public dental lists.

Martina loves the process of working closely with patients to build trust. She sees it as a great privilege to work on people’s teeth and takes this responsibility seriously, undergoing professional training in communications, psychology and neuropsychology so that she’s better able to make patients feel comfortable by using a caring, empathetic approach.

'I am a huge advocate and believer in 'brain training' – or the buzz word at the moment, neuroplasticity – where we can actively change patients' attitudes and thinking towards dentistry using positive suggestions during treatment.'

Martina is passionate about taking a holistic approach to treating the overall wellbeing of the patient, working closely with a network of health professionals to refer patients when needed.

When not working, Martina’s time is occupied by her two energetic, beautiful boys who are the sunshine of her world and, of course, have great teeth!


Lael, our office practice manager smiles outside | Winston Hills NSW dentist


Practice Manager

Lael recently moved up from Melbourne, and began studying her certificate 3 in dental nursing. 
While new to the industry Lael has had many years’ experience in people management and organisation. 
Lael has a real care for patient needs and ensuring your experience at Martina Lavery Dental and Skin studio is an excellent one. 

"I have a real passion for my work and the tasks I do on a day to day basis. I thoroughly enjoying organising and liaison with patients throughout their dental and skin journey, as well as running the 'behind the scene' tasks that ensure your dental and skin experience is a positive one."

Lael also assists Dr. Martina in her HydraFacial treatments, as one of the operators that can do your HydraFacial treatment.

Cecilia, our senior clinical coordinator stands outside and smiles | dentist in Winston Hills NSW


Senior Clinical Coordinator

Cecilia has over 10 years experience in dental assisting. She also has experience in accounting and administration, but her passion is in the medical industry. She is particularly gifted in caring for patients and helping them achieve their health and cosmetic goals. She is one of the senior team members at Martina Lavery Dental and Skin Studio team.

‘I enjoy meeting new people and gain self-satisfaction in assisting and helping others. I get to perform a variety of procedures, including challenging ones. We are always learning something new’.

Cecilia also assists Dr. Martina in her HydraFacial treatments, as one of the operators that can do your HydraFacial treatment..

Alison | Clinical Coordinator | Martina Lavery Dentistry


Clinical Coordinator

Alison has worked in the dental and medical industry for over 10 years.

She is there to assist you through your dental procedures and it is her passion to make every patient feel at ease and comfortable.

"Coming to work and really loving what you do I believe is so important. I love working with a great team, and working together to make every patients visit enjoyable, and to feel a part of our family here at Martina Lavery Dental & Skin Studio"

Alison has lived in The Hills District all her life and values getting to know patients and serving in her local community.

Alison also assists Dr. Martina in her HydraFacial treatments, as one of the operators that can do your HydraFacial treatment.


Clinical Coordinator

Georgia is one of our newest team members.

She had just finished school and is looking to gain insight into the medical field and what it has to offer. She takes great pride in looking after patients needs and helping them to feel welcomed and at ease in the Studio.

“I am passionate about working in the medical industry and enjoy working in an environment that people feel comfortable in.
 One of the most important things is to make our patients feel confident within their smile and themselves."


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