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5 Good Reasons You Should Be Treating Yourself to a Facial

December 31, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Martina Lavery
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Many people believe that getting a facial is nothing but a useless luxury…a frivolous way to pamper yourself. They couldn’t be more wrong! Facials at our Winston Hills NSW dental and skin studio are a crucial part of overall wellness. Facials provide more health benefits than most people realise.

#1—Facials Reduce Stress

Any kind of massage has been shown to reduce stress on the body, and getting a facial massage is part of the overall experience of getting a facial. There are hundreds of pressure points on your face that impact many other functions in the body.

#2—Facials Provide a Thorough Skin Cleansing

Even if you wash your face each night to remove make-up, nothing gives your face a deep cleaning like a facial. If you notice your skin is a bit bumpy, you might have blackheads building up; a professional can get rid of these without leaving any scarring.

#3—Facials Can Help Reduce the Effects of the Ageing Process

Getting a facial can help promote good circulation and give your skin back its youthful glow. Facials will also help give your skin back some of the elasticity that is lost through the ageing process.

#4—Facials Exfoliate the Skin

Every day our skin is exposed to pollution in the air and UV rays from the sun. A facial will open up the pores and remove the dead cells that have accumulated on the surface of your skin. Your skin will look better—and it will feel soft and supple.

#5—Facials Help Get Rid of Toxins in the Skin

If you are subject to regular breakouts, detoxifying your skin with regular facials will help make it fresh and radiant again.

Find out more about the benefits of facials at our Winston Hills, NSW dental and skin studio. We invite you to call today to book an appointment. Your entire body will thank you! While we are located in Winston Hills, we also service Northmead, Baulkham Hills, and Bella Vista areas.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.