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What Are Antioxidants?

March 27, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Martina Lavery
Antioxidants | Dr. Martina Lavery | Winston Hills, NSW

Antioxidants can be applied topically to the skin from cosmeceutical’s, and can be ingested from the food we eat; such as leafy green vegetables, and fruit.

Antioxidants are naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, such as; vitamins A, C and E, that protect your skin against free radicals.

Free radicals are molecules in the environment that damage your skin by clinging to your skin’s collagen and reducing elasticity. Free radicals come from things like air-pollution, cigarette smoke and chemicals. 

Antioxidants neutralise these free radicals to protect your skin from damage. Some antioxidants can brighten your skin, calm, and even smooth fine lines. Vitamin C is the ultimate antioxidant for brightening dull, lifeless, tired looking skin.

They can calm and hydrate your skin and similar to retinol, increase collagen production to smooth fine lines and improve the texture of uneven skin. Vitamin C can help hypopigmentation, lighten dark spots and brighten the overall complexion of your skin for a fresher, more luminous glow.

Vitamins And Your Health

Vitamin C also protects against UV radiation damage from the sun and is therefore best applied in the morning. Vitamin A, also known as retinol, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, can fade scars and reduce acne damage. Vitamin A is potent and should be introduced gradually into your skin regime at home applying it at night only to avoid any irritation. Apply it once nightly a week for one week twice a week for two weeks and three times a week for three weeks and every other day to really fight your skins signs of ageing.

Vitamin E also known as tocopherol is a popular antioxidant because it is suitable for everyone. Vitamin E is a natural anti-inflammatory which prevents premature ageing, is highly hydrating, and assists in scar recovery. Vitamin E combined with Vitamin C is a super powerful antioxidant combination against free radical‘s. Dr Martina highly recommends skinbetter science, Alto defence serum protect. It contains an amazing number of 19 antioxidants in one formulation.  and her favourites In the cosmetics elite range are X Cell plus and have oxides.

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