Dental Emergencies in Winston Hills, NSW

Do you have a sore tooth? A broken tooth? 

a woman holds an icepack to her jaw | winston hills nsw emergency dentist Dental emergencies happen at any time, day or night, interrupting your routine and potentially causing missed work or sleep. Don’t panic. 

Winston Hills dentist Dr Martina Lavery and our team at Martina Lavery Dental & Skin Studio are here when you need us most. We make toothaches and other emergencies a priority and will strive for a prompt booking to help you feel like yourself again quickly. We also service Northmead, Baulkham Hills, and Bella Vista areas for emergency dental needs.

Dental emergencies range from a raging toothache to a tooth knocked out at sport or a severe dental abscess, which can become life-threatening when left untreated.

Dr Lavery provides same-day treatment care in a calm, rational manner and after-hours emergency service by calling the studio. Proper attention at the time of the emergency will be the difference between saving or losing your tooth.

A Knocked-Out Tooth

This requires urgent attention. When appropriate emergency steps are followed immediately, chances are better that the tooth can be inserted and preserved by Dr Lavery.

  • Pick up the tooth by the crown, not by the root.
  • Place the tooth back up into the socket immediately after rinsing.
  • If you cannot place the tooth back into the mouth, place in a small container of milk.
  • Call Dr Lavery immediately.

a graphic of a tooth and a first aid kit | emergency dental care winston hills nswLoose Tooth – Tooth out of Alignment 

This tooth may require splinting to the adjacent teeth to keep it stabilised. Prompt treatment is essential to prevent tooth loss.

Chipped, Cracked and Fractured Teeth

Fractured teeth may be due to a weakened tooth breaking or may be caused by facial trauma.

Pain relief and a cold compress are useful after facial trauma. We do recommend that you contact our studio as soon as possible, even when pain is not present. 

When the structure of the tooth fractures, it compromises the integrity and strength, making it susceptible to continued damage and deterioration.

Temporary Restorations

Having a temporary crown or filling come off is not a dental emergency. It can be easily put back onto the tooth by applying Vaseline or denture adhesive to the temporary and placing it back into the tooth.

Smoothing a chipped tooth or re-cementing a crown or composite bonding are also not dental emergencies, but Dr Lavery is available to advise on such situations over the phone to alleviate your concerns and arrange a booking to address the problem.

Avoid a dental emergency by having routine dental check-ups with Dr Lavery. Along with diagnostic x-rays, regular check-ups are effective in detecting oral conditions before toothache or damage occurs. Typically, treatment for decay, fractures and gum disease are less invasive and costly when identified and treated early.

We Welcome New Patients

Whether you are experiencing a dental emergency or it is simply time to arrange your next dental visit, we welcome you to contact Martina Lavery Dental & Skin Studio, located in the Hills District. We treat both adults and children with the aim of helping your entire family enjoy healthy, comfortable smiles.