General Dentistry in Winston Hills

At Martina Lavery Dental & Skin Studio, our commitment to our patients to provide comprehensive dental care begins the moment you pick up the phone to arrange an appointment. As a general dentist in Winston Hills, NSW, Dr Martina welcomes your entire family for preventive, cosmetic and restorative dental treatments. Our goal is to keep your smile healthy and to offer the services you want if you choose to take your smile to the next level.

From your little ones to your elderly parents, we can provide the dental care needed at every stage of life. We hope to welcome you as part of our dental family sooner rather than later.

If you would like to arrange an exam and teeth clean, or if you have questions for our dental professionals, we welcome your call.

We also invite you to continue reading to learn more about Dr Martina, your dentist in Winston Hills, NSW.

What is preventive dentistry?

As a general dentist—also referred to as a family dentist—Dr Martina emphasises the importance of preventive dentistry. Coming to our dental surgery every six months for routine check-ups and cleans often means you can avoid needing additional procedures in the future—and that is undoubtedly everyone’s goal. Also, we may recommend dental x-rays so Dr Martina can identify potential dental issues in their earliest stages.

Your dentist in Winston Hills, NSW can also take measures to protect your teeth and strengthen your enamel against cavities with fluoride treatments and other specific protocols that fill your dental health needs.

If we can prevent oral health issues and save you money and time, we will always do so.

What is general dentistry in Winston Hills, NSW?

General dentistry is dental maintenance—specific treatments and services designed to restore your oral health when something goes wrong.

When treatment is needed, you can count on us for the majority of your dental care needs. Some of our most common procedures include:

Dental fillings or tooth-coloured fillings to close a tooth cavity

  • Crowns and bridges to restore your smile
  • Dentures and partials also to restore your smile
  • Root canal treatment to remedy a root infection
  • Tooth extractions to restore oral health and relieve pain
  • Snoring and sleep apnoea to help you sleep safely
  • Bleeding gums and periodontal therapy to stop the progress of this disease
  • Teeth clenching and grinding (bruxism) to save your teeth from breakage

Do you treat children?

Dr Martina, your dentist in Winston Hills, NSW is well known for her skill at building a great rapport with kids of all ages, and she is passionate about creating a positive experience surrounding their visits to the dentist. We accept children under the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme, and eligible children receive $1000 over two years. Coverage includes:

  • Consults
  • Teeth cleans
  • X-rays
  • Dental fillings
  • Extractions
  • Fissure sealants
  • Root canal therapy

Dr Martina is known for her carefree way with children, and she believes in taking proactive steps to keep their teeth and gums healthy into adulthood as well as helping them enjoy their dental visits.

When it comes to children’s dentistry in Winston Hills, NSW, we work hard to be advocates for children, instilling positive associations with their dental visits and educating them on the importance of taking care of their smiles. We also introduce dental services as needed, and our dentistry is designed to evolve as your child’s oral health needs change.

Our dental team would be happy to meet your child.

Can you restore my smile?

We all hope our teeth will last for a lifetime, but given the hard work they do each day, they can become damaged or broken. In some cases, a tooth can even be lost. Fortunately, your dentist in Winston Hills, NSW can restore your smile with such treatments as:

  • Tooth-coloured fillings
  • Crowns
  • Dental bonding

When teeth are missing, it’s best to replace them as soon as possible to protect the health of your remaining teeth, which can shift when teeth are lost. Our tooth replacement options in Winston Hills, NSW include:

  • Dental implants
  • Dental bridges
  • Dentures and partial dentures

Dr Martina will provide an exam and help you decide on the best option to restore your smile.

Do you offer cosmetic dental options?

Perhaps you take good care of your oral health, but your smile doesn’t look the way you’d like it to look. Why not invest in your self-confidence and improve the look of your smile with cosmetic dentistry in Winston Hills, NSW? No longer reserved for the rich and famous, cosmetic dentistry today can fit many different budgets. Our cosmetic dentistry options include:

  • Professional teeth whitening to remove stubborn yellow tooth stains just in time for that big promotion or family wedding
  • Tooth-coloured fillings to close your cavities without silver
  • Dental bonding to conceal tooth flaws
  • Dental crowns to hide cracks, chips and discolouration
  • Veneers to camouflage slightly crooked, worn, or misshapen teeth

Do you treat dental emergencies?

Your dentist in Winston Hills, NSW understands that dental emergencies can be frightening. A toothache can claim your sleep and force you to change your plans.

At Martina Lavery Dental & Skin Studio, we make time in our schedule to treat dental emergencies. We will always work hard to get you in front of our dentist as soon as possible—typically, the same day.

Dental emergencies include everything from a toothache to a broken restoration. If you have a dental emergency in Winston Hills, Northmead, Baulkham Hills, Bella Vista, or the surrounding locations, we welcome your call.  

What is sleep apnoea?

You may be at risk for this sleep disorder if you snore, feel tired after a night of sleep, or suffer from dry mouth upon waking. If you are overweight, have a thicker neck circumference and are male, you may be at an increased risk as well. However, sleep apnoea can touch people of all ages, including children.

Sleep apnoea is a sleep disorder that means you stop breathing for brief periods throughout the night. Without treatment, sleep apnoea can lead to heart attack, stroke, and it has been linked to diabetes and mood disorders.

If you are concerned about sleep apnoea or if an accredited sleep practitioner has diagnosed you, your dentist in Winston Hills, NSW offers an alternative to traditional sleep apnoea therapy.

Contact a member of our dental team to learn more about sleep apnoea treatment in Winston Hills, NSW.

What are facial rejuvenation treatments?

Once you are happy with your smile, why not take it a step further and treat yourself to one of our facial rejuvenation treatments? From HydraFacial™ to non-surgical facelifts, we can talk to you about how to get a refreshed, younger look—right here in our Winston Hills, NSW dental clinic.

We Welcome You to Our Winston Hills, NSW Dental Clinic

Dr Martina has more than 20 years of experience practising dentistry in the Hills District of Sydney. If you would like to arrange appointments for yourself and your family members, we encourage you to call us on (02) 9688 7898.  For your convenience, you can also book online.

We look forward to meeting you and your family.